Sunday, June 14, 2009


-None of the doctors were able to fix Yehuda right away.
-His mom and dad prepared soup and berries that were assumed to be magical.
-The Germans caught Lala but did nothing to her.
-The Nazis are winningand caught his mom too.
-Lala and Yehuda ended up starting a new life and livng together.

-Were the Germans more afraid of Yehudas army or was that pep talk?
-Do armiestill use manholes to protect themselves during wars?
-Is Yehua going to die?
-Where did the "special magical power" come from?


-I think that Lala should be able to join the war.


-The air force struggled to defea the German's defense.
-Yehuda's only lives 3 blocks away, but becaus of the war they cannot see each other.
-If they win the war he will be ble to see his siter.
-Some pople thught the war missions were "polish bravado", impossible to execute.
-The yperite bomb (gas) can kill Germans abov and below ground.

-Were they going to giv up during the war?
-Why wouldnt the YMCA reunite him and his mother?
-Was Lola better at fighting in the war than the guys were?
-Would the gas kill Yeuda if he was close enough to it?


1 Overview
- Yehuda had to face the Nazis on his own time. He had courag and went out alone.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5/4/3/2/1 The Lost Childhood

5 Sentences
-A bullet set Molotov on fire.
-Yehuda and his companions begin to fight in the war.
-Many different problems from people getting sick to equipment being lost was a distraction.
-The older men were suppose to cook and because they would get so drunk they spit in the soup.
-Lala and Yehuda's mom sent letters to him to see how he was holding up in the war.

4 Questions
-Why were graves made for the boys that started their own army?
-What would happen if a German caught them with a message?
-Were the boys paid to fight in the war?
-How did Yehuda feel after he read the letter from Lala?

3 Vocab Words
-zupa pluj-"spit soup"

2 Literary Terms
-"we were showered with leaflets calling for surrender"(Nir 171)
-"each shot crackled on the ground"

1 Overview
-Yehuda is now a teenage a boy fighting in WWII and he is seperated from the rest of his family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

5/4/3/2/1 The Lost Childhood

5 Sentences
-Yehuda's family stayed at a shelter away from the war.
-Many houses owned were bombed and many people were killed.
-Yehuda was only 9 when he was seperated from his mother, father and sister during the war.
-There was a YMCA open during World War II.
-Certain houses were bombed and others were left alone.

4 Questions
-Why were Hitler's pictures hung around the house?
-How long has the YMCA been open?
-Were the Russians suppose to bomb certain houses?
-Did the Russians military always have to be consulted with before bombing?

3 Vocab Words

2 Literary Terms
-imagry: "Her hair was black...she had the same mass curls" as Shirly Temple
-metaphor: wounded dragon as a machine

1 Overview
-Yehuda was once seperated from his family during the war. He is only 9 and was able to do the right thing and find help. He was brave.

5/4/3/2/1 The Lost Childhood

-The war that is soon to begin is World War II.
-Hitler invaded Austria in 1938.
-There was warlike music playing during the war.
-The Russians and Germans work together.
-The boy overestimates his father all the time.

4 Questions
-Why did the kids joke about the sign "Strong, United, and Ready"?
-why didnt the family prepare for the war?
-Did the father get hurt during WWII?
-Did any of the horses get killed while bringing the people away from the war?

3 Vocab Words

2 Literary Terms
-text to self: My parents use to speak Spanish when they didnt want me to understand.
-foreshadow: after the war they will all be poor.

1 Overview
- I think that running away in horses during a war is not safe, but when it is one of the only ways to escape, go for it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


-Sarah is back at the crime scene.
-There is someone at the crim scene with Sarah but she doesnt know.
-The Popes wife is suddenly missing.
-The wife tries to frame her daughter.
-Kale thinks that the Pope killed Vallerie.

-Who tries to kill Sarah?
Is Sarah going to die?
-Is the wife the killer?
-Why did the wife kill Vallerie?

3 Vocab Words

2Literary Terms
-mystery novel: this book was about a mystery and trying to solve the crime scene
-ironic: the wife blamed her daughter when she was the real killer

1 Overview
-I would have never thought the wife was the killer but as it got toward th ed i had second thoughts about her.


5 Sentences
-Pope is a killer from the past.
-The Pope is a killer and his daughter is crzzy.
-Sarah notices something funny going on in the Pope's house.
-I think Sarah is going to upst Kale and solve the mystery on her own.
-The Pope's wife is always brought up in the book but doent really have a major part.

-Why is the Pope so afraid of being around Sarah?
-Does an one know that the Pope is a killer?
-Why doesnt Kale let Sarah go on her own?
-What does the wife have to do with the investigation?

3Vocab words

2literary terms
-flashback: Pope was thinking about what he has done in the past to the teenage girl.
-irony: Sarah saw the Pope in the window and he was also behind her.

1Overview Sentence
-I think that somene in the Pope family is the murderer of Vallerie.